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About Us

Hello and welcome to Final Touch Roofing, Inc. of Hot Springs Arkansas, where your satisfaction is our number one priority! We pledge to provide you with outstanding shingle, metal & stone coated steel roofing installations and service, fair roof pricing, and detailed roofing estimates. We created this helpful roofing website to educate you about the benefits of stone coated steel roofs and metal roofing and advantages it may offer to homeowners and businesses in Arkansas.

We believe that an educated customer is at a far better position to make the right decision when it comes to getting a new roof, or obtaining a roof repair service. Thus, it is our main goal to help you find the right answers and information, in order to meet your shingle or metal roofing needs in the best way possible.

Commitment to our customers extends far beyond the standard roofing industry warranties and promises of good workmanship. Final Touch Roofing of Hot Springs delivers quality and provides a Gerard manufacturer lifetime warranty on every installation of Gerard roofing systems in stone coated steel. Final Touch Roofing is the largest stone coated steel installer in Arkansas, and ranked #10 in the nation.